Coveo for Sitecore 5 is now available!

Excluding a Field From the Search Results

By default, every indexed field is returned in the search results when a query is executed. However, it’s possible to configure a field so that the index doesn’t include this field in the response to Coveo-powered search interface requests.

  1. Open the Coveo.SearchProvider.Custom.config file in a text editor.

  2. In the fieldMap/fieldNames element, add a new element, like the one below, with its isDisplayField attribute set to false. You must replace mysitecorefield with the name of the Sitecore field.

    <fieldType fieldName="mysitecorefield" isDisplayField="false" settingType="Coveo.Framework.Configuration.FieldConfiguration, Coveo.Framework" />

    The fieldMap/fieldNames element is located in the defaultIndexConfiguration element. Field settings defined in the defaultIndexConfiguration element are applied to all indexes that reference the defaultIndexConfiguration element. To apply field configurations on a specific index, see Managing Fields for a Specific Index.

  3. Save your changes.

  4. Synchronize these field settings changes into your search indexes by performing an indexing action. Alternatively, perform a manual synchronization of your configuration (see Synchronize Coveo for Sitecore Configuration). The indexes will no longer include the field in search results back to the search interface(s).

You can also combine isDisplayField with the other settings presented in this section.

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