Infinite loading when trying to preview a document using the Quick view

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After upgrading to Coveo for Salesforce 3.16, the document preview never stops loading and you can’t see the page Quick view.


This issue arises when two Quickview components are found in the same result template after your integration package update. The CoveoSalesforceQuickview component replaces the CoveoQuickview component, but you can’t insert both of them in the same result template.


You have to select only one Quickview component (CoveoSalesforceQuickview or CoveoQuickview) for each result template. You need to remove the other component in your Visualforce Component page:

  1. In Setup, search for and select Visualforce Component.

    With Salesforce Lightning With Salesforce Classic
    Under Platform Tools, select Custom Code > Visualforce Components. Under Build, select Develop > Visualforce Components.
  2. Next to your component, click Edit.

  3. Search for your Quickview component and replace every Quickview with the selected one.