Starting a New Project

Welcome to Coveo for Sitecore! We’re happy to welcome you and hope that the content included in this article will help you with the deployment of your solution.

For a step-by-step learning experience, see the Coveo for Sitecore 5 Developer Onboarding Roadmap.

Coveo for Sitecore Project Guide

The goal of the Project Guide is to support Coveo for Sitecore implementations. The Project Guide provides guidelines and best practices with many links to specific documentation articles on this website. All tips and tricks come from Coveo Support and R&D staff based on experience gained collaborating on real client projects.

Whether you’re new to the product or a product expert, the guide will help you deploy Coveo for Sitecore.

Coveo for Sitecore Project Checklist

By helping you not forget anything during your implementation, the Project Checklist ensures a successful Coveo for Sitecore project. The checklist is complementary to the Project Guide and all the documentation available on this website.