Coveo for Sitecore Legacy Search UI Framework - Coveo Distance Resources Component Properties

Coveo for Sitecore 4.1 (November 2018)

This article describes the properties that are available in the Distance Resources Component

Property Description Additional details
Basic settings
LatitudeField The field used as the latitude in the distance query.

The field used as the longitude in the distance query.

GeolocationProvider The list of methods used to retrieve the user coordinates.

The component uses the first method listed in this field first. If it fails, it tries the second one and so on, until one of them works or there's no more to try.

The Browser Geolocation option refers to HTML5 geolocation API. Take note that this call doesn't work on a page that isn't HTTPS in Google Chrome 50+ (more details here). For that reason, it shouldn't be used as the main source for geolocation, but rather as a fallback.

The Custom choice in the list refers to a custom implementation, which provides the user's coordinates to the component. For more information see Adding a Custom Geolocation Provider.


The Google API key needed for the Google Geolocation API provider.

This field is required for the Google Geolocation API geolocation provider to work. If you don't use Google to retrieve the user geolocation, leave it empty.

To know more about the Google API key visit the Google Maps API documentation.

Units The unit used for the distance calculation.

There's only two units type available out of the box: kilometers and miles. If you want to add more unit types, go to the Distance Units folder (located in /sitecore/system/Settings/Indexing and Search/Coveo/Distance Units) and insert a new Distance Unit List Value Parameter item.

The Display Value field of the item indicates what to display to the user on the Facet Slider Component caption. The Conversion Factor field indicates how to convert meters to the new unit.

Advanced settings
DistanceFieldName The field used to save the distance query result. The default value for this field is distance. It doesn't need to be modified for the component to work. However, its value can be changed by creating a new List Value Parameter in the Distance Field Names folder (located in /sitecore/system/Settings/Indexing and Search/Coveo) with the desired name for the distance field and selecting this new item in this field.