Release Notes for March 2020

This release includes the 1.2537.57 and 2.7968.10 versions of the JavaScript Search Framework (see May 2018 maintenance release (1.2537.57) and January 2020 Release (v2.7968)).

This page summarizes the new features and fixed support cases introduced in the Coveo for Sitecore March 2020 release.

For the upgrade procedure, see Upgrading from August 2019 to March 2020.

Issue Number Enhancement
SC-4249 Added support for Coveo JavaScript Search Framework version 2.7968.
SC-4289 Added support for Sitecore 9.3 Initial Release.
Issue Number Case Fixed Support Case
SC-4013 00053860 Fixed the creation of an Example Search Page using the Insert Options feature.
SC-4103 00055766 Added handling of malformed <!-- BEGIN NOINDEX --> - <!-- END NOINDEX --> HTML indexing exclusion tag sequence.
SC-4118 00054684 Fixed issue where the date format of a date field was not set properly in the index.
SC-4124 00056409 Fixed issue with the DocumentsValidation rebuild step failing on custom-named databases.
SC-4146 00056719 Fixed issue with the handling of Sitecore.Jobs objects in Sitecore 9.2.
SC-4153 00056369 Fixed issue with the Coveo for Sitecore proxy forwarding the Proxy-Connection header.
SC-4211 00057811 Fixed Legacy Search UI issue with the page name overriding the Search Hub value in the originLevel1 parameter.
SC-4229 00058230 Fixed issue with Global Searchbox queries not updating main search interface result list in a page containing a Global Searchbox, a Recommendations component and a standard Search Interface.
SC-4278 00058441 Fixed issue with the Command Center failing to list fields when a Sitecore analytics profile had an empty name or lacked a site language version.
Issue Number Bug Fix
SC-4022 Removed the ‘Focus on searchbox after initialization’ option as it has been removed from the JavaScript Search Framework.
SC-4073 Ensured context information gets sent on click and custom Usage Analytics event calls.
SC-4075 [Hive] Fixed issue with global search boxes not getting context data from the Coveo User Context component.
SC-4076 Fixed issue with special characters in queries locking up search pages in Sitecore 7 and 8 instances (see Ajax Error 500 When Using Special Characters in a Query).
SC-4095 Fixed issue causing the clickableUri of media items to be indexed with a relative path.
SC-4144 Fixed issue with the launchprovisioning call not being blocked for On-Premises organizations.
SC-4179 Fixed issue with anonymous user analytics page view events not containing the "anonymous": true metadata.
SC-4215 Fixed issue where adding a field description in Coveo Cloud was repeatedly triggering field update and sync calls.
SC-4225 Added missing Insert Options in data source branching folders and fixed a Coveo item ordering issue in the Content Editor.
SC-4228 Fixed issue with search page no longer working when the Sitecore source type is removed from the organization’s list of available sources.
SC-4265 Clarified Experience Editor rendering warnings and added a console warning when Coveo Recommendations or Coveo Related Query renderings are missing a dedicated Analytics component.
SC-4282 Relocated the Search Section rendering Searchbox and Searchbox Settings placeholders side by side.
SC-4299 Fixed issue with the Searchbox and Searchbox Settings placeholders being inverted in the Default Frame.