Troubleshooting Top Result Issues

On-Premises only

With Coveo Cloud, Top Results have been renamed Featured Results and are managed from the Query Pipelines. See Manage Featured Result Rules.

If you’re having issues with Top Results, you can validate that they’re properly configured in CES using the CES Administration Tool.

  1. Open the CES Administration Tool in a web browser. The default URL is http://localhost:8081 (when accessed locally on the CES server).

  2. Navigate to the top result list (Index > Top Results).

  3. Click the top result link to see its details.

  4. In the Queries field, there are two queries. The first one is design which was set on the top result in Sitecore. The second acts as a key and allows the synchronization mechanism to map the Sitecore top result items on the CES top results.

  5. The Top Results field contains the selected items. The Address field contains an URI that identifies the selected item.

    Don’t modify the Sitecore Top Results using the CES Administration Tool. Your changes would be lost the next time Top Results are synchronized.

More on the Sitecore Key Format

The Sitecore key has the following structure:

Sitecore top result (<SOURCE_HASH>;<ITEM_ID>;<DATABASE>;<LANGUAGE>)
  • The source hash avoids Top Results from many Sitecore environment being mixed together.

  • The item ID, database, and language allows a better handling of publishing and localization.

  • Coveo distinguishes Sitecore indexes using the Source Hash. If you’re not applying source-specific field name translation, Coveo can’t distinguish Sitecore environments for your top results, in which case you might need to patch the value of the PreferSourceSpecificFields setting to true in the Coveo.SearchProvider.Custom.config file (see Why Translate Fields).

  • Don’t alter the Sitecore keys manually as Sitecore might leave orphan Top Results in CES. These orphan Top Results could then interfere with other Sitecore Top Results and create confusion in the search results.