Coveo for Sitecore Legacy Search UI Framework - Facet Range Component Properties

Coveo for Sitecore 4.1 (November 2018)

This article describes the properties that are specific to the Facet Range component. 

Property Description Default value Additional details
Basic settings
Title Specifies the title displayed at the top of the facet.
Field Specifies the field whose values will be displayed in the facet. Mandatory field.
Number of Values Specifies the maximum number of values that will be displayed by default in the facet. 5
Date Format Specifies the format of the date to be displayed in the facet. Uses the jquery Globalize.js plugin to format dates.
Facet Value Ranges Specifies the ranges that will be used to display results. Default is Automatically generated ranges. Select the Date Field checkbox if using the component for date range.
Enable collapse button Specifies if the facet is collapsible. Enabled
Icon Specifies the facet icon that's displayed next to the title. The icon must be in the media library.
Number of additional facet values to fetch when 'More' is clicked Specifies the number of additional facet values to fetch when the 'More' button is clicked. 10
Include facet values in the breadcrumb Specifies if selected facet values should be displayed in the breadcrumb. Enabled
Maximum number of facet values displayed in the breadcrumb Specifies the maximum number of values that the facet should display in the breadcrumb. 5
Computed Field
Computed field Specifies the name of a field on which an aggregate operation should be executed for all distinct values of the facet's field. The result of the operation is displayed along with the number of occurrences for each value.
Computed field operation Specifies the type of aggregate operation to use on the computed field. sum

The available values are:

  • sum: Computes the sum of the computed field values.
  • average: Computes the average of the computed field values.
  • minimum: Finds the minimum value of the computed field values.
  • maximum: Finds the maximum value of the computed field values.
Computed field format Specifies how to format the values resulting from a computed field operation.

The formats available are defined by the Globalize.js library. The most common used formats are:

  • c0: Formats the value as a currency.
  • n0: Formats the value as an integer.
  • n2: Formats the value as a floating point with 2 decimal digits.

More information can be obtained in the library's documentation (see Globalize.format on GitHub).

Computed field caption Specifies the computed field's caption in the settings menu. For example, the value Money will be displayed as Money Ascending for computed field ascending. Computed Field
Advanced settings
Show an icon next to the facet values Specifies whether an icon is displayed next to each facet value. This option is enabled by default.
Facet accuracy determined by the number of scanned results The facet accuracy selection sets the injection depth, the number of search results that are scanned to find possible facet values. Selections from Less Precise (Fast) to Exact (Slowest) progressively increase the number of scanned results, ensuring more possible facet values are found, at the cost of performance. Less Precise (Fast)

The available options are:

Less Precise (Fast)
Precise (Slower)
More Precise (Slower)
Exact (Slowest)

Coveo for Sitecore (July 2016)

Preserve facet position under mouse on new facet query

Specifies whether the facet should remain stable in its current position in the viewport as long as the mouse is over it. Enabled
Placeholder Calls the appropriate container for the component you want to add.


When using the Experience Editor, this field is automatically filled with the correct container.
Data Source Specifies the source of the data used to populate the component with specific data.
Unique identifier Specifies an optional unique identifier for a facet. For example, this identifier will be used to save the facet state in the URL hash. If this field isn't specified, the field name will be used as the unique identifier.

Coveo for Sitecore (June 2016)

The default value is $GenerateNewUniqueId, which generates a random facet ID.

Whether to make the component rendering cacheable.
All Disabled
Available options for this parameter are:


Additional Parameters Allows passing custom parameters to a Coveo component. These custom parameters must be specified in the Coveo Search Component sublayout (see Adding Custom Parameters with the Additional Parameters Field).