Indexing Item Content for Relevance

Indexing the right items is only the first step of search relevance in the indexing process.

Once you have the scope of your indexing operation set, it’s time to decide what content on each item makes more sense to users.

By default, Coveo indexes an item with its permissions and fields.

Managing Fields to Index

Understanding Sitecore, Coveo for Sitecore, and Coveo Fields

Specifying which Fields to Index

Indexing Page Content

Every element of the Sitecore tree is an item, but to display an item to site visitors, Sitecore uses layouts and renderings.

Items with layouts can usually be rendered in a browser under the shape of a HTML web page. For this scenario, creating an HTML representation of the web page is a favored strategy when indexing for relevance.

For a set of tools to do this operation properly, see Creating an HTML Representation of Page Content.

Enriching Your Content

Changing the Settings of Sitecore Fields.

Making Sure the Title of the Documents is Relevant

Understanding the Title Selection Sequence.

Next Step

Rebuilding a Search Index