Gather Data and Integrate Your Catalog

In this section we explore how to integrate your products and catalogs into Coveo’s infrastructure. This integration recreates the relationships between your items, their variants, and their locations. Coveo only replicates your catalogs. They’re managed in your content management system (CMS) of choice.

Before you create your catalog source, ensure that your data contains SKUs that are unique. For example, if your catalog contains products that have French and English names or descriptions that use the same SKUs, you would need to create a catalog source for each language in order to avoid the duplication of SKUs in the same commerce catalog.

Conversely, if your commerce catalog applies to multiple countries or regions, sells the same products under a single language, and is managed by a single merchandising team, you would only need to create a single catalog source.

There’s a 1:1 relationship between your commerce catalog and the product source, meaning your product source can only be used in one commerce catalog.

Some things to consider about your data before getting started:

  • It must not contain duplicate SKUs.

  • It targets a specific audience, such as a country, a region, or a specific website.

  • It contains unique products, and in some cases, variants of those products.

  • It may contain availability items, such as stores or buyer groups.

Index Content

Coveo Cloud supports the indexing of commerce catalogs, as well as a wide array of website content, all stored in a secured unified index (see Indexing Commerce Catalog Content).

For an SAP Commerce API Integration, see Indexing SAP Commerce Using the SAP OData2 GET API.

Create a Catalog

Once you have the data in the index, a Coveo commerce catalog will define the structure of your commerce-related items. In other words, it establishes the relationship between the items you’ve indexed in the previous step by identifying which items are products, variants, and availability channels (see Creating a Coveo Commerce Catalog).

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