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Data within Live Tap is organized into datasets, primarily around the tracking Id used to collect data. For example, if your tracking Id is union_fashion you will find your data within the BigQuery UI under the dataset union_fashion__v2.

You can also use the workspace dataset to create your own views and tables, experiment with BigQuery, and so on.


Views prefixed with event contain events arriving from, for example, your website datalayer or the Qubit SDK Android/iOS SDKs. Data is processed in real time by our data pipeline and stored here for you to query.

events views


Views prefixed with aux_ contain helpful metadata, such as experience and goal names; these map to an experience or goal Id, as well as segment names, that map to a Segment Id. Join these with views with the real-time events–such as event_qubit_experience–to add useful context to your queries.

aux views

Analytics model

Views prefixed with livetap_, organize events data into a single data model with clear, defined relationships between them.


These views are available for customers with Live Tap activated.

Currently, data is updated daily at midnight in the timezone defined during your onboarding. You can view the logs created by this daily refresh within the logs table in the livetap dataset.

data views

Ingested datasets

Any data imported through Imports is available to query through views prefixed with dataset_.