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Live Tap provides full access to the data you send to Qubit, including events sent from your website or mobile app, as well as any imported datasets.

Live Tap is powered by Google BigQuery to deliver unparalleled scale and performance for data access.


Use cases

You can use Qubit Live Tap to:

  • Analyze performance of your experiences and segments, querying detailed customer-level data

  • Import Qubit data into your Business Intelligence platform (such as Looker or Tableau) or data warehouse for business reporting

  • Deliver real-time analytics through querying your Qubit data within seconds of each event being sent from web or app

  • Power your data science models with unrestricted access to granular, structured, behavioral information

  • Combine Qubit events data with your imported datasets (such as CRM data) to analyse a single customer view

Accessing your data

Depending on your use case, there are a number of options to access Live Tap data:

  • Run SQL queries via the Google Cloud BigQuery user interface

  • Connect your BI platform to Live Tap, for example using our open source Looker block

  • Query using the Google Cloud BigQuery APIs, for example to analyze data via a Python notebook or export data into a data warehouse

Contact your Customer Success Manager at Qubit for more information. The guides below detail common use cases to get started.

Getting started

SQL via interface or API

Access all of your data via the Google Cloud interface or any of the BigQuery APIs.

Business intelligence & analytics

Integrate with your analytics platform.