Query via UI

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Once you have confirmed with your Qubit Customer Success Manager that you have access, the quickest way to get started is via the BigQuery user interface.

Accessing your project

Step 1

Navigate to console.cloud.google.com/bigquery and login with your Google account credentials

Step 2

Navigate to the Google Cloud project that represents your account


Your Qubit project will be named qubit-x, where x is your company name, as shown in the example above.

Running a query

Selecting a dataset will reveal the views & tables available.

Select a view to reveal the schema, as shown in the following example:

business views

To run a query, select Compose Query

In the editor, you can compose SQL statements to access your data as well as setting some options for that query job, such as saving the result to a table or setting up a scheduled query. For more information see the documentation on running queries via BigQuery UI.


You’ll need to use StandardSQL to run queries.

Saving and exporting data

If you wish to save your data for analysis, you have a number of options:

  • Save results as a BigQuery table for future use

  • Export to CSV or JSON, either to your computer or into Google Drive

  • Export the data to Google Sheets

  • Explore the results in Google Data Studio

See the documentation on downloading query results for more information.

saving data

However, if you are exporting a large amount of data, such as an entire table of website events data or more than 1 million rows, you’ll need to use the export functionality:

  1. You’ll need access to a Google Cloud Storage bucket to place the exported data. Contact your Qubit Customer Success Manager if you need this to be provisioned

  2. Once data is exported, you can download the exported file(s) from Google Cloud Storage

Full details on this process are available in Exporting table data.