Edit your property settings

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In this article, we’ll show you how you can find and edit the basic property settings we define for you during onboarding.

How can I edit property settings?

  1. Select Settings from the side menu and then Edit in the Property card

  2. Edit your property settings as required and select Save to confirm

What settings can I change?

When onboarding with Qubit, we will add some basic settings for your property. For users with the role Publisher or above you can edit each of these in Settings:

  • Name - defines the name of your property and is typically the name of the company or brand that is working with Qubit to deliver personalization

  • Preview links - defines the default separator (?

    • querystring OR # - URL fragment) used in experience preview links:

  • Domains - defines the domains that will be tracked for your property. Refer to the following guidelines:

    • Do not include http:// or www

    • Try to use the most top level domain possible, e.g. .company.co.uk instead of .eshop.company.co.uk`

    • Use . in the front of the domain to indicate that all subdomains should be tracked, e.g. .company.co.uk

    • If you want to track subdomains individually, don’t use the dot, e.g. de.company.com,fr.company.com, company.com

  • Native jQuery - removes jQuery from your Smartserve script and therefore reduces its size by ~10-15%. This option is therefore well suited to clients looking for pageload performance improvements. Observe the following point:

    • If you’re using this option and any of your experiences are calling @qubit/jquery as a dependency, you must make sure jQuery is being loaded on your site. Failure to do so will likely cause experiences to generate JavaScript errors, which may affect the delivery of those experiences and the tracking of experience goals