Validate your setup

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In this article, we’ll discuss the importance of validating your setup and the tools you can use in the Qubit app to get things right.

Getting it right

It is important to note that only valid events are processed by our data pipeline. Although Qubit collects and stores invalid events, it does not process the data contained within them. Invalid events therefore essentially represent lost data that would otherwise be used to drive the power of the Qubit platform.

Lost data has downstream consequences that can potentially affect experience and segment metrics, reporting against experience goals, the likely impact of an experience, and your wider ability to influence your customers with personalized experiences.

Validating your setup is therefore a crucial part of setting up Qubit on your site and we highly recommend paying particular attention to our setup guides and the field-level requirements for each event.

Our validation tools

Qubit has 2 validation tools, Qubit Explorer and the Validation Dashboard.

We recommend using Qubit Explorer as the first validation tool. This tool represents a first check against your QProtocol setup and will highlight issues on page and in real time.

Once you have performed this first check, we recommend using the Validation Dashboard as a more comprehensive site-wide review of your setup, which includes additional checks to ensure that the events required by each of the products included in your implementation are being emitted correctly.