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In this article, we’ll look at how to set up Qubit in Google Tag Manager.

Our steps

Step 1

Login to your GTM account, then navigate to Workspace > Tags

Select New in the Tags panel

tag panel

Step 2

Provide a name for your tag. We recommend something that will ensure others can easily distinguish it from other tags on your site. In our example, the user has named it Qubit tag

Select inside the Tag Configuration panel and then select Custom HTML

In the HTML editor, add the following lines:

<script type="text/javascript" src="smartserve_link" async="" defer=""></script>


  • smartserve_link is the path to the Smartserve script for your Qubit property


<script type="text/javascript" src="****" async="" defer=""></script>

The link to the Smartserve script for your property is provided during the onboarding process with Qubit but you can also find the script on the Settings page:


Step 3

To complete this task, you’ll need to add triggering to ensure that the tag only fires when required to do so

Typically, you will want the tag to trigger on each page view for each of the pages on your site, and this is the default trigger for GTM tags, but you may have other triggering requirements, which you can deliver by choosing other trigger types. Refer to the Google Tag Manager documentation for more information on adding triggers.

When you are done, select Save. You should now see your new tag in your list of tags: