Manage your auth key

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In this article, we’ll address the use of authentication keys to access GCS bucket locations.

What is the authentication key used for?

Qubit Import provides a method to ingest external data for use throughout the Qubit platform and combine it with data generated across your business. When importing data, you have the option of doing it manually or automating it via a programmatic batch upload.

Programmatic upload

To use this last option, you’ll need an authentication key to access the GCS bucket location. You might already have a key you can use, but it might not be configured for programmatic file transfer. If you don’t have a key, you can generate a new one.


To complete the programmatic upload, you’ll need to know the location of an existing authentication key. If you are creating a new one, please take note of the download location.


You will require the Owner or Publisher role AND the role Reporting to access the Auth keys page. See Managing Users for more information.