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In this article, we’ll cover the steps involved in installing the Qubit add-on in the SAP Commerce Cloud.


Our add-on provides a pre-integration with the UK Apparel frontend by injecting logic and tags into the yacceleratorstorefront extension or your custom extension based on this.

This add-on is compatible with version 6.5 of the SAP Commerce Cloud. Older versions of the add-on are available for 5.x and 4.x. The add-on may work with later versions but has not been tested so results may not be as expected.

Supported events

The following events are supported by this add-on:

Event Description


Contains information relating to the type of page currently being viewed


Contains information about the current user


Contains information about a product. This can be sent in several different situations


Contains information about an item in the basket, including quantity and price. A separate event will be sent for each item in the basket


Sent when a change is made to an item in the basket (added, removed, quantity updated)


Sent when an order is placed. Contains information about the products ordered


An overall summary of the basket value


An overall summary of a placed order


The following installation instructions assume that you already have version 6.5 set up and installed with the B2C Accelerator recipe (b2c_acc), any derivative which includes the B2C Accelerator, or an extension based on yacceleratorstorefront.

Step 1

Unzip the provided file. In the resulting directory, copy the sub-directory qubitaddon to your Commerce Cloud installation’s bin directory

For example:


Step 2

Add the following line to {COMMERCECLOUD}/config/localextensions.xml_:

<extension name='qubitaddon' />

Step 3

Navigate to {COMMERCECLOUD}/bin/platform_ and execute the following command, replacing [yacceleratorstorefront] with the name of your storefront extension:

ant addoninstall -Daddonnames="qubitaddon" - DaddonStorefront.yacceleratorstorefront=[yacceleratorstorefront]

If no errors are returned, the add-on has been installed to your storefront extension. This will enable the correct tags and population logic to emit Qubit events.


There are several configuration properties that can be defined to set up and alter the behavior of the Qubit add-on. These are typically defined in your file located in {COMMERCECLOUD}/config/, although you can also define them in the file located in the qubitaddon directory.

Refer to the following table for details of these configuration properties:

Property Expected Value Description



Enable the Qubit add-on


If set to false, no events will be sent to Qubit


The Id provided to you by Qubit to uniquely identify your site



The package you have purchased from Qubit.



The URL of smartserve.js.This will be provided to you by Qubit


Start of HEAD/End of HEAD/End of BODY

The page location to inject smartserve.js



If set to true, smartserve.js is loaded asynchronously



Controls the namespace for the event (for example, yourshop.ev.product would be configured as yourshop)


If set to true, events will be emitted on product listing pagesSetting this to true could cause performance issues due to the number of events required for some pages in the Hybris Accelerator. This applies to product listing pages and product references


Maximum number of events per component to send on product listing pages.Use 'null' to specify unlimited


If set to true, stock information is sent with product events.Setting this to true could cause performance issues due to the need to pull back stock information. Hybris would not normally do this


If set to true, basket information is sent on every page.Setting this to true could cause performance issues due to the need to populate basket information on every single page


  • Installing this add-on will replace your productreferencescomponent.jsp and master.tag files with default accelerator ones, which include Qubit specific logic. If you have already changed this JSP or tag, you’ll need to save your changes and make them again after installing the add-on

  • The Basket Data event will be sent with slightly out-of-date information if it is sent twice from one page, e.g. two quantities are modified on the same page. This is because Hybris doesn’t reload the basket data into the Page DOM. The next page will send the event with the correct data

  • Product Reference events may be sent for the same product multiple times on one page if that product appears in multiple reference components, e.g. you might like and complete your look

  • Once this add-on is installed, it is advisable to either run a system update or initialization, as there is a new attribute, which will be added to Language to support the different ISO standard Qubit uses