Coveo Merchandising Hub

The Coveo Merchandising Hub (CMH) allows you to develop insight-driven merchandising strategies by creating Placements that you can use for your campaigns to deliver tailored content to different target audiences on your ecommerce website. In this section, you’ll learn about setting up CMH on your ecommerce website.

CMH setup

For ecommerce websites, you have to include the Smartserve and UV API scripts to emit and store events, and optionally inject placements. Once the scripts have been included, you can use some of these events to integrate CMH features and campaigns into your website. You also have to generate a product feed, in addition to supplying events, if you want to generate a product recommendations campaign.

For mobile apps, you have to employ SDKs to emit events and inject placements.


Placements are sections on your webpage that let you display Personalized content, Product recommendations, and Product badging campaigns. Content for placements can be incorporated either through using a placement.js file or by using the Content API for API implementations of CMH. Your placements will require different components depending on what method you use to incorporate them. You can view the tutorials for a step-by-step procedure on creating placements. After you create a placement, you also have a list of guides to help you with tasks related to placements.


You can add campaigns to several places on your website by using Placements. Once you’ve decided where to position your campaign, you can determine which audience is most suited for it and what content you want to show them. There are campaign types designed for different purposes. For example, the Personalized content campaign enables you to reach a target audience with customized content. The Product recommendations campaign allows you to make a product line more prominent to your visitors. To make your webpage more effective, you can leverage the Product badging campaign to highlight aspects of a product that you want to stand out.

CMH also gathers metrics for your campaigns to evaluate their performance so it can suggest whether you should keep or discard that campaign.

Product viewer

The product viewer allows you to review all the products and their corresponding data points in your catalog. Additionally, the product viewer also reveals any issues found with the products in your catalog, such as missing data points.

Settings and tools

Get to know how you can send events from CMH to Google Universal Analytics (Google UA) and Google Analytics 4 (GA4). This way you can further analyze the performance of your campaigns in Google Analytics and in turn inspire future campaign iterations so you can maximize performance.

Coveo Qubit cookies

To find out how CMH keeps track of visitors' interactions with your website, see Coveo Qubit cookies.


If you want to share your experience with CMH, you can provide feedback, so your future interactions with the platform can be optimized.