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This section is equally relevant for Coveo Experimentation Hub.

In this article, we’ll discuss our first-party cookies and how we use them to deliver personalization at scale.


If the qb_dnt cookie is set to 2, neither CMH nor CEH sets first-party personalization cookies.

First-party cookies

CMH/CEH sets first-party cookies as a reliable way to:

  • Identify individual visitors, and tie them into the data that we collect

  • Target the correct visitor and provide them with a consistent personalized journey

  • Undertake deep analysis of experiences and journeys across a visitor’s lifetime

  • Write and get experience data

  • Ensure cookies are working and supported in the browser

Refer to the following table for more details about each cookie. These are set for all customers that have added the smartserve.js script to their site pages.

Cookie Expiry Description


Rolling 1 year

Stores user’s Qubit ID.


Rolling 1 year

Stores all persistent Coveo data.


30 min inactivity

Stores all session-based Coveo data.


Rolling 1 year

Stores and retrieves experience data.

qb_dnt and qb_dnt_ext

Depends on implementation

Stores and retrieves user data.


1 day

Checks if cookies are working and supported in the browser.

No data stored.


Coveo also sets qubit_explorer when Coveo Qubit Explorer is open.