This section contains guides for placements designed to assist commerce users and developers utilizing the Coveo Experience Hub.

Articles in this section:

  • Troubleshoot placement health

    Fix any issues the Coveo Experience Hub identifies with your placements by following practical steps.

  • Impressions and clickthroughs

    See what impression and clickthrough events are and how they’re used for measuring the impact of a campaign. Also learn how to implement these events without bias.

  • Schemas

    Use a placement schema to define content that merchandisers can customize.

  • Unit testing

    Set up automated unit tests for your placement to actively identify and prevent issues, improve code quality, and safely refactor and update your placement code. Also learn how to write placement tests with the aid of a utility.

  • Developing locally with Coveo Qubit CLI

    Coveo Qubit CLI is a command line tool for working with qubit experiences and placements on your local file system. Develop your placement builds with all your existing tooling, write and execute unit tests, use the CLI’s super fast built-in local placement server complete with hot reloading.