Create segments from imported data (obsolete)

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In this article, we will cover the task of using data imported with our existing import feature, to create a segment. For those customers that have been migrated to Qubit’s Import feature and previously referred to as Datasets, refer to this article.


As an example, suppose that we have a list of customers and their loyalty tiers from our CRM, which we want to use to create a segment of customers in the 'Gold' loyalty tier.

Assuming that the first column of the CSV file contains user Ids, used to join with the data in the Data Store, and the second identifies the user’s loyalty tier (e.g. 'Gold', 'Silver', 'Bronze'), we can create our required segment using the Data Import condition in the segment builder.

For this example, we import a file called mydataimport.

Creating the segment

Step 1

Select Segments from the side menu and Create new segment

Step 2

Enter a name for your segment and select Let’s start

Step 3

From the Add Condition combo box, scroll down to Data Import, select Dataset, and enter mydataimport in the field provided:


image::{ info-icon If you do not specify any further segment conditions, we will only check if the visitor is in the data import to determine segment membership. But, since we want to create a segment specifically for the Gold tier, we need to add a further condition.

Step 4

From the Add Condition combo box, scroll down to Data Import, select Value, and enter Gold in the field provided:


We now have a segment that will be populated with only those visitors that are in the data import AND are in the 'Gold' loyalty tier.