Introduction to social proof experiences

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Qubit’s Social proof draws on the power of social influence to drive sales by creating urgency and reassurance.

Key features

  • Purchase counter to create urgency and demand for time or stock limited products

  • Last booked feature to provide visual feedback that a product is currently in demand by showing the last purchase date and time

  • Hot product trends to show the top trending products on your site as a method of generating interest on your site


Best used to provide urgency and demand for time or stock limited products.

  • Example 1 - 24 people viewed this product in the last hour

  • Example 2 - 112 people bought this in the last 2 days

    • Counting can be performed on any event

    • Product Views, Basket Adds, or Transactions per product


Best used to provide validation and confidence in the purchasing funnel.

  • Example 1 - this item was last booked at 12:03 today

  • Example 2 - the last item bought on this site was less than 5 minutes ago

  • Provide visual feedback that the item is in demand at present

  • Surface the last time and date the item was booked for products which have been purchased recently

Best used for helping first time users with discovery of products.

  • Example 1 - top trending items in New York

  • Example 2 - top shared items on social networks

  • Show the top trending items on your site as a method to create discovery on your site

  • Apply this to items shared on social networks to present 'social engagement'