Build commerce recommendation slots

In Coveo for Commerce, recommendation slots are the interfaces that power the Recommendations product discovery solution.

Building recommendation slots allows for cross-selling and up-selling opportunities, which can increase your revenue and improve your customer experience. They can be displayed on various pages of your commerce solution, such as the home page, product detail pages (PDP), and cart pages. To accommodate different use cases, Coveo for Commerce provides different types of recommendation strategies, such as "Viewed together" and "Most purchased."

Recommendation discovery experience | Coveo

To build Coveo-powered recommendation slots, create recommendation configurations using the Recommendations configuration endpoint of the Commerce API. This endpoint allows you to create, update, and delete recommendation configurations, which define the recommendation strategies and locations to be used by the recommendation slots.

Once a recommendation configuration is created, you can then use the Recommendation endpoint to retrieve the recommendations to display in your recommendation slots.

For more details on building your commerce interface, see Approaches for building product discovery interfaces.

Machine learning and personalization

Behind the scenes, Coveo-powered recommendation slots leverage Coveo Machine Learning (Coveo ML) to provide intelligent and personalized recommendations to your visitors.

More precisely, the recommendations are powered by Coveo ML Product Recommendation (PR). This means that for products to be displayed on the recommendation slots, you must create and configure a PR model in your Coveo organization.

To learn more about PR models and how to configure them, see Leverage Machine Learning Product Recommendations (PR).

About the Coveo Merchandising Hub (CMH)

The Coveo Merchandising Hub (CMH) allows merchandisers to manually curate the products displayed in recommendation slots.

While Coveo ML models provide intelligent and personalized recommendations, the CMH allows you to manually adjust the recommendations to meet your business needs.

For example, merchandisers can use the CMH to:

  • Promote specific products when specific products are being viewed.

  • Boost or bury products on recommendations based on specific criteria.

To learn more about the CMH and how to use it, see Coveo Merchandising Hub (CMH).