Introduction to abandonment recovery experiences

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In this article, we’ll introduce our Abandonment recovery programmatic experience and discuss how you can use it to re-engage with visitors that have exited or intend to exit your site.

What is abandonment recovery?

Qubit’s Abandonment recovery enables businesses to increase revenue and conversions by predicting, detecting, and contacting visitors that intend to exit or have exited the site.

Key features

  • You decide which events in your funnel qualify visitors for recovery efforts, for example basket adds, on-site search, product view, form completion, and how long you want to wait before sending out an email

  • Because Abandonment recovery experiences are fully integrated with the leading Email Service Providers (ESPs), you have complete control over what your emails look like, adherence to opt-out lists, frequency capping rules, and reporting

  • Create upsell or cross-sell opportunities during your recovery efforts by leveraging other Qubit solutions such as Recommendations

Further reading

Looking for strategies around abandonment recovery? Refer to the following PDF:

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