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This section explains what experience templates are and how you can use them to streamline building experiences and enable non-technical team members to customize off-the-shelf experiences.


As an alternative to building experiences individually, you can build experience templates and then use those templates to create one or more experiences. A good use of templates would be creating a Recommendations carousel, which could then be injected into pages where one is needed without writing additional code.

Templates provide team members with the ability to create off-the-shelf experiences based on reusable and extensible templates that also offer the flexibility for non-technical users to make minor changes where required.

Key features

  • A template can be built a single time and used to build multiple experiences.

  • Templates reduce code duplication.

  • Only published templates can be used to build experiences. Any unpublished changes won’t be included when building experiences.

  • Templates can include custom JavaScript and CSS in the same way that all Coveo Experimentation Hub’s programmatic experiences can.

  • Non-technical team members can build experiences from templates and edit the configurable content without worrying about the underlying code.

  • Non-technical team members retain the flexibility to make simple changes to the experience, including segments, goals, and triggers.

  • In a more advanced workflow, any programmatic experience can be developed using the JavaScript and CSS files that form the basic building blocks of these experience types, and used as a template. This offers customers the chance to follow a "built once, built right" approach to building experiences and is perfect for customers that would like to involve non-technical team members in publishing and managing experiences.

The starting point in building templated experiences is the template itself. If you unsure how to build templates, see Building An Experience Template.

Once you’ve created a template, team members can then use that template to build an experience. See Using a Template To Build An Experience.