Storefront associations

The Storefront associations (platform-ca | platform-eu | platform-au) panel lets you associate commerce catalogs with the target tracking ID and locale. A tracking ID is a unique identifier used to differentiate and categorize Coveo UA data by site or app, and a locale is a string that defines the language, country, and currency used in a site or app (for example, en-US-USD).

Using storefront associations, the Coveo Platform can automatically infer the catalog ID targeted by a tracking ID and locale combination. So, there’s no need to specify the catalog ID when making queries or logging Coveo UA events. This means you no longer need to generate API keys through the Catalogs (platform-ca | platform-eu | platform-au) page, which would enforce the catalog ID value in the API keys.

Also, with storefront associations, you can now use a single search token or API key across many catalogs. Previously, you had to create a separate API key for each catalog you wanted to query, which could be cumbersome if you leveraged many catalogs on a single website or application.

Now, after you’ve created the target storefront associations, you can use a single search token or API key that grants the Allowed access level on the Execute Queries domain and the Push access level on the Analytics Data domain in the target organization.