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In this article, we’ll introduce you to our Integrations product and cover some of the ways it can be used to deliver advanced personalizations.

What is integrations?

Integrations is a new foundational component for the Qubit platform, allowing server-side logic to be developed and executed alongside your personalizations.

Integrations are developed as Node.js server-less functions inside the Qubit platform and deployed into Qubit managed infrastructure. Once deployed, they can be executed from experiences and and other parts of the platform.

Because integrations are fully server-side, it is now possible to access APIs and services that are not publicly exposed. For example, it was not previously possible to call a CRM system, push notification provider, or email gateway because these types of systems generally require some form of authentication.

With Integrations, secrets can be encrypted and the logic to authenticate and exchange data is executed server side, with only the output exposed back to the browser.

Example use cases include:

  • Calling internal APIs, such as a live odds system, to provide real-time context inside personalizations

  • Getting the latest fare for a route from a travel booking system to add in to a set of recommendations

  • Triggering an Abandonment recovery email and pushing data into an ESP, such as the current basket contents, product recommendations, or trending products

  • Deliver 1:1 personalizations, such a notifying visitors that a previously browsed out of stock item is now in stock or a that a previously browsed item’s price has changed

  • Calling the Salesforce API or other CRM to fetch the current visitor’s marketing preferences, before showing experiences on site or pushing personalizations to a visitor seen in the CRM, in real time

  • Synchronizing Qubit segments with external systems–every time Qubit’s Segmentation engine adds or removes a visitor from a segment, call an external segmentation API with the change to maintain real-time synchronicity between systems

To get started, continue to our section on Building Integrations.

Further reading

In this article, we take a look at how one of Qubit’s clients is taking advantage of our integrations to drive recommendations on their website and mobile platform.

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