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Qubit CLI is a command line tool for developing experiences locally.

It’s an alternative to Qubit’s in-app editor that allows you to use your favorite code editor in a more immediate development workflow.


Fast previewing:

  • built in experience server for instant preview on any site

  • live hot reloading of css

  • ability to enable live hot reloading of JavaScript

Local tools:

  • use your local editor/IDE of choice to write experience code

  • use your own workflow and versioning tools

  • write and run local unit tests

Interact with the platform from the command line:

  • create new experiences or clone existing ones

  • push remote changes to the platform

  • pull remote changes from the platform

  • publish, pause, or resume your experience

  • duplicate an experience from one of your properties to another

  • generate a authentication token for use in CI/CD environments


  • speed up local development

  • share ideas and examples

Integrating with your continuous integration process

Having the right toolchain is key to running a personalization program alongside the day-to-day development of an ecommerce platform. In this article, we discuss how Qubit helps customers to develop, test, and release experiences with confidence.

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