Commerce search implementation checklist

This article provides a checklist of the steps required to implement Coveo for Commerce search core features.

You can use this checklist as a guide to ensure that your implementation incorporates the necessary parts to build a working and robust, commerce-oriented search experience.

Content indexing

  1. Have you ensured that all your products, their variants, and the various availability channels are correctly indexed within your Catalog source? See Stream your catalog data to your source for details.

  2. Are the standard commerce fields appropriately mapped to relevant metadata in your catalog configuration?

  3. Have you set up fields to help you structure your commerce catalog with products, variants and/or availability, and mapped them to the relevant metadata? See structure fields for details.

  4. Have you created and mapped additional commerce fields with relevant metadata?

  5. Is your commerce catalog fully set up to accommodate your products, their variants, and their availabilities?

  6. Have you implemented a system that allows for convenient content updates without the necessity to re-upload your entire catalog data each time?

Data tracking

  1. Have you determined which approach to use for tracking analytics data?

  2. Are you tracking standard events for search and click actions?

  3. Are you tracking commerce-specific events?

  4. Have you verified that the events are being sent to Coveo Usage Analytics and contain accurate information?

Building the search interface

  1. Have you opted for one of Coveo’s provided frameworks (Atomic or Headless) to construct your search interfaces?

  2. Have you integrated search hubs for every search interface, using suitable names that adhere to naming conventions?

  3. If you leverage content security to determine who can access indexed content, are you using search token authentication to authenticate requests originating from your search interfaces?

  4. Do your search interfaces encompass all the recommended features?

  5. If you use the Atomic library, have you applied customized styling to your interfaces?

  6. Are you making use of result templates?

  7. Have you optimized your interfaces for search engine optimization (SEO)?

Optimize the search experience

  1. Have you established distinct query pipelines to effectively direct the queries that originate from each of your search interfaces?

  2. Have you correctly implemented the appropriate query routing mechanism?

  3. Have you configured the query pipelines with the essential settings necessary for Coveo for Commerce implementations?

  4. Have you linked your commerce catalog with the relevant query pipeline(s) to which queries requesting your product inventory are directed?

  5. If you utilize product grouping, have you appropriately configured the query pipeline to accommodate this feature?

  6. Have you created the relevant Coveo Machine Learning (Coveo ML) model types and associated them with your query pipeline?

  7. Did you perform validation to ensure proper query pipeline and Coveo ML configurations?