Machine Learning for Commerce overview

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Coveo Machine Learning (Coveo ML) for Commerce is a cloud service that uses AI-based models along with an advanced Coveo Personalization-as-you-go feature to provide relevant search and personalized buying experiences.

The model types listed in this section are specifically designed to promote relevant search experiences for consumers, whether they represent a B2C or B2B audience. Their goal is to improve the revenue generated by your commerce ecosystem by positively affecting key metrics, such as conversion rates and average order values. These metrics can be tracked through the analysis of your data health and fine tuned to further increase sales based on previous session successes, closing the shopper journey cycle.

Explore the commerce model types most often used in a wide array of applications:

For a more personalized approach, consider using the commerce model types that leverage Product Embeddings and Vectors:

For more customer self-service centric ML models, see the general Overview.