Get started with Coveo for Einstein Bots

screen capture of Coveo search results displayed in an Einstein bot Coveo for Einstein Bots brings enterprise-grade AI-powered search to answer questions outside of those anticipated by Einstein Bot dialogs. It allows chatbot users to quickly have access to multiple sources of customer service content such as knowledge articles, YouTube videos and PDF documents, and much more.

In your Einstein bots, you can integrate API calls to the Coveo Platform to take advantage of Coveo’s powerful search and recommendation capabilities using one of the following approaches:

Using Lightning Web components

You can call Coveo via a Salesforce Lightning Web Component. This open source GitHub project shows an example of a Salesforce Einstein bot sending queries to a Coveo organization and rendering the provided results while recording usage analytics events.

Using Invocable Apex

You can use the Apex classes documented in this section to integrate API calls from Salesforce to Coveo (for example, calling Coveo from an Einstein Bot via Invocable Apex).