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Pro and Enterprise editions only

Coveo for Salesforce 3.16 (August 2018)

The ResultActionsSendEmail component is a result template component that lets users of the Coveo Insight Panel Lightning Component quickly insert a search result in an email.

You can insert a result in an email by clicking Send-as-Email.


The component offers the options listed in this section.


Specifies the name of the Quick Action bound to this result action.

Default value is SendEmail or Case.SendEmail (for Cases). This field is not required.

<div class='CoveoResultActionsSendEmail' data-action-name='<YOUR_ACTION_NAME>'></div>

Where you replace <YOUR_ACTION_NAME> by the name of the Quick Action bound to this result action.


Whether the component should submit the Quick Action right away.

Default value is false.

<div class='CoveoResultActionsSendEmail' data-auto-submit='false'></div>

Set this option to true if you want to save and submit the Quick Action after setting the field values.


Specifies the content that will be inserted in the body of the email.

You can add other result fields into your HTML content by using the ${field} or ${raw.field} syntax, where you replace field with the selected field.

Default value is <a href="${ClickUri}">${title}</a>.

<div class='CoveoResultActionsSendEmail' data-html-body='<a href="${ClickUri}">${title}</a><p>In source: ${source}</p>'></div>

The clickUri isn’t always the desired link to be shared and can vary for different content types and implementations. Specific configurations may be required per result template.

To share a link to a publicly available Salesforce Knowledge article in an Experience Cloud site you would want to replace ${ClickUri} with the following URL:



Specifies the icon that will be displayed by the result action.

If text is provided, the button will contain that text. If the HTML of an SVG image is provided, that image will be displayed on the button.

Default value is icon_svg.

<div class='CoveoResultActionsSendEmail' data-icon="<MY_ICON>"></div>

Where you replace <My_ICON> with the text that the button should contain or the HTML of the SVG image that the button should display.


Specifies where the component should insert the text in the email.

Available values are: begin, end, cursor, and replace.

The begin, end, and cursor values insert the search result at the specified location in the email body. The replace value replaces all the text in the email with the search result.

Default value is replace.

<div class='CoveoResultActionsSendEmail' data-insert-type='cursor'></div>


Specifies the name of the event to dispatch. You could then hook to that event and modify the action arguments before sending the action to Salesforce.

This field is optional.

Default value is ResultActionsEvents.onSendAsEmail.

 <div class='CoveoResultActionsSendEmail' data-on-send-action-event='<YOUR_ACTION_NAME'></div>

Where you replace <YOUR_ACTION_NAME> by the name of the action to send.


Specifies the tooltip that will be displayed while hovering over the component.

Default value is a localized string with the key SendAsEmail_tooltip and the value Send as Email.

<div class='CoveoResultActionsSendEmail' data-tool-tip='Send Email'></div>


This component doesn’t provide any methods.


This component can be included in the Coveo Insight Panel Lightning Component. It should be inserted in the <div class='CoveoResultActionsMenu'> section.

<div class='CoveoResultActionsSendEmail'></div>