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Lightning Experience Coveo for Salesforce 3.41 (October 2019)

The CreateArticle component is a button that can be integrated in your Coveo Insight Panel Lightning Component. This component allows your agents to create a knowledge article directly from a case.

This button can be used to create any record type.

For more information on the integration of the CreateArticle button, see Add the Create Article button.


<div class='CoveoCreateArticle'></div>



Specifies the title of the CreateArticle button.

The default value is Create Article.

<div class='CoveoCreateArticle' data-title='Create Article'></div>


Whether to open the new page in a subtab.

The default value is true.

<div class='CoveoCreateArticle' data-open-in-subtab='true'></div>


Whether to use the default article type.

The default value is false.

<div class='CoveoCreateArticle' data-use-default='false'></div>


Specifies the list of objects that the component can create.

The default value is: [{ "name": "Knowledge", "apiName": "Knowledge__kav" }]

<div class='CoveoCreateArticle' data-object-types="[{ &#x22;name&#x22;: &#x22;Knowledge&#x22;, &#x22;apiName&#x22;: &#x22;Knowledge__kav&#x22; }]"></div>


This component doesn’t offer any methods.