Add the Create Article button

In your Coveo Insight Panel Lightning Component, you can add a Create Article button (create article button) to create a Knowledge article directly from a case.


This button can be used to create any record type.


Before adding the Create Article button, perform the following tasks:

Add the Create Article Button

  1. Access your Coveo Insight Panel Lightning Component.

  2. At the upper-right corner of the component, click cog button, and then select Edit.

  3. Click the Code View tab.

  4. Depending on your Coveo for Salesforce version, add the following code:

    • Coveo for Salesforce v4.6 or higher

      The following code must be added inside the coveo-actionbutton-section element.

      <button class="CoveoCreateArticleButton"></button>

      For example:

      <div class="coveo-summary-section">
          <div class="CoveoInsightQuerySummary"></div>
          <div class="coveo-actionbutton-section">
              <button class="CoveoCreateArticleButton"></button>
    • Coveo for Salesforce v3.41 to v4.4

      The following code can be added anywhere you want.

      <div class="CoveoCreateArticle"></div>
  5. Click Save.