Insert Coveo components in Salesforce

The Coveo for Salesforce package lets you insert Coveo components in your Salesforce organization. From this section, you can access the main components offered by the Coveo for Salesforce package.

Console (Lightning experience)

Coveo Attached Results component

A component that displays the results that have been attached to a given record (see Add the Attached Results component).

Coveo Full Search page

While the Coveo Insight Panel Lightning Component offers a convenient search interface for your users to easily find contextually relevant information, your agents may need to take advantage of Coveo’s entire search capabilities. The Coveo Full Search page provides a complete Coveo-powered search interface that can be accessed directly from any Salesforce application (see Integrate a Coveo Full Search page in a Lightning Console app).


Coveo Hosted Insight Panel component

A component that lets you easily integrate a Coveo Hosted Insight Panel in Salesforce. It enables your service agents to access valuable Coveo-powered content and user insights without leaving the case record they’re viewing or editing (see Integrate a Coveo Hosted Insight Panel component).

Hosted Insight Panel | Coveo for Salesforce

Coveo Insight Panel Lightning Component

A component that’s typically used to provide contextually relevant information to agents alongside their cases (see Integrate a Coveo Insight Panel Lightning Component).

Insight Panel | Coveo for Salesforce

Experience Cloud (Lightning experience)

Coveo Case Deflection component

A component that increases self-service in an Experience Cloud site by providing recommended solutions to users before they submit a case (see Integrate a Coveo Case Deflection component).

Case Deflection | Coveo for Salesforce

Coveo Community Search component

A component that lets you insert a full search page in your Experience Cloud site. It includes features such as facets, tabs, sorting, and pagination (see Add the Coveo Community Search component).

Coveo Community Searchbox component

A Coveo standalone search box for your Experience Cloud site. This search box offers advanced features such as query suggestions, query correction, and facet value suggestions (see Add the Coveo standalone search box).

Coveo Page View Tracker component

A component that can be added to your Experience Cloud site to send usage analytics data to Coveo. The page view data gathered by this component is used by the Coveo Machine Learning (Coveo ML) Content Recommendation (CR) model to recommend pages to users (see Add the Coveo Page View Tracker component).

Coveo Recommendation component

A Lightning Web Component (LWC) that displays a list of recommended results. These results are based on the recorded events and history of the user who is navigating the website (see Integrate a Coveo Recommendation component).