Inserting Coveo Components in Salesforce

The Coveo for Salesforce package allows you to insert Coveo components in your Salesforce organization. From this section, you can access the various available components offered by the Coveo for Salesforce package:

Coveo Insight Panel Lightning Component

The Coveo Insight Panel Lightning Component is a search interface that suggests contextually relevant information to your agents (see Integrating a Coveo Insight Panel Lightning Component).


Full Search Page

While the Coveo Insight Panel Lightning Component offers a convenient search interface for your users to easily find contextually relevant information, your agents may need to take advantage of Coveo’s entire search capabilities. A Coveo for Salesforce Full Search page provides a complete Coveo search interface that can be accessed directly from any Salesforce application (see About the Default Coveo for Salesforce Full Search Page).

To learn how to integrate a Coveo Full Search page, see Integrating a Coveo Full Search Page.


Case Deflection Component

The Coveo Case Deflection component increases self-service in a Salesforce Community by providing recommended solutions to users before they submit a case to your Support Agents (see Integrating a Coveo Case Deflection Component).

Case Deflection

Lightning Community Components

Beside the Case Deflection component, you can also use the Coveo Community Search, the Coveo Community Searchbox, and the Page View Tracker component to help you have a great experience (see Integrating Coveo Components in a Lightning Community).

Coveo Insight Panel Classic Component

The Classic Insight Panel automatically pulls information related to the Salesforce object that’s currently selected, therefore automatically providing contextually relevant information (see Integrating a Coveo Insight Panel Classic Component).

Case Creation Component

Coveo for Salesforce 4.2 (April 2020)

The Case Creation component allows your administrators to easily create a Salesforce page where community users can create a support case (see Integrating a Case Creation Page).

Coveo Recommendation Component

The Coveo Recommendation Component is a Lightning Web Component that displays a list of recommended results. The results are based on recorded events and the history of the user who is navigating the website (see Integrating a Coveo Recommendation Component).