Integrate a Coveo Quantic Insight Panel Component

The Coveo Quantic Insight Panel component is a packaged container component that lets you easily integrate a Coveo Hosted Insight Panel in Salesforce. This component enables your service agents to access valuable Coveo-powered content and user insights without leaving the case record they’re viewing or editing.

Quantic Insight Panel


Add the Quantic Insight Panel Component

This section explains how to add the Coveo Quantic Insight Panel component to a record page. After adding this component, you will be able to use it in the Service Console.

  1. In Salesforce, access your Lightning Application (e.g., Lightning Service Console).

  2. Open any case record.

  3. In the upper-right corner of the page, click the Setup icon button (cogwheel icon), and then select Edit Page.

  4. Drag and drop the Coveo Quantic Insight Panel component on the Record Detail page, to the location of your choosing.

    Quantic Insight Panel Animation
  5. In the component details section, specify the Configuration ID that was automatically generated when you created your Hosted Insight Panel configuration (see Retrieve an Insight Panel Configuration ID).

  6. At the top right, click Save.

  7. Activate the new page, if not already done.

    Activate New Page

    If you use the ORG DEFAULT tab to activate your page, your changes may not be saved when you leave the Lightning App Builder. Consider using either the APP DEFAULT or the APP, RECORD TYPE, AND PROFILE tab, as appropriate, to activate your record page.

  8. At the top left of the Lightning App Builder toolbar, click the Back icon button.

The Coveo Quantic Insight Panel component is now available in the Service Console.


You may need to reload the page to view your changes.

Activate the Insight Full Search Functionality

Service agents can open the Quantic Insight Panel in a separate Service Console tab to use the Insight Panel in full search mode. Full search mode makes querying easier by providing better access to facets, tabs, and search results. All current query, facet, and tab information is maintained when an agent activates the Insight Full Search functionality.

At the upper-right corner of the Quantic Insight Panel, click Insight Full Search button to activate the Insight Full Search functionality.

Insight Full Search Animation

Insight Full Search must be enabled in the Insight Panel Builder configuration for the Insight Full Search button (Insight Full Search button) to appear.

About Result Actions

When a service agent hovers over a search result in the Quantic Insight Panel, the background color changes and the result action buttons appear in the upper-right corner of the search result. These buttons let service agents perform convenient actions such as Attach to case with a simple click.

Result Action Buttons

Result actions must be enabled in the Insight Panel Builder configuration for the result action buttons to appear.

Attach to Case

Clicking the Attach to case button (attach to case button) attaches a search result to an open case. This allows a service agent to keep a trace of the results that were useful to solve a specific case.

Copy to Clipboard

Clicking the Copy to clipboard button (copy to clipboard button) copies a search result’s title and URL to the clipboard. A service agent can then paste this information in a messaging app, for example, to share a result with a client or another agent.

Quick View

Clicking the Quick view button (quick view button) lets a service agent preview a search result without leaving the Quantic Insight Panel.

About Tags

The Recommended tag setting highlights results that are boosted by a Coveo Machine Learning (Coveo ML) Automatic Relevance Tuning (ART) model (see About Automatic Relevance Tuning).

Recommended tag

The Recommended tag setting must be enabled in the Insight Panel Builder configuration for it to appear in your search results.

What’s Next

For more information about the Hosted Insight Panel, see Get Started With the Coveo Hosted Insight Panel Solution.