Using the Result Actions

Lightning Experience

Coveo for Salesforce 3.16 (August 2018)

Result Actions are buttons that enable users to perform one-click actions on search results from the Lightning Insight Panel (see Integrating a Coveo Lightning Insight Panel). There are six actions:

Each icon serves as an action. All icons are always displayed beside the result, but cannot always be used. You must be on the right tab.

If you want to send a result in an email template, you must be in the Email tab, unless it will not be inserted in the template.


When you have already integrated your Lightning Insight Panel, you need to modify its associated Visualforce component to use quick actions:

  1. In Setup, search for and select Visualforce components.

  2. Click Edit next to your coveoLightningInsightPanel.

  3. In the Visualforce Markup, under <div class="CoveoResultActionsMenu">, add the following lines:

     <div class="CoveoResultActionsSendEmail"></div>
     <div class="CoveoResultActionsPostToFeed"></div>
  4. Click Save.


You can replace the existing result actions with the generic CoveoResultQuickAction component.

Coveo for Salesforce 3.36 (July 2019)

  1. In Salesforce, access the Lightning Console where your Lightning Insight Panel is.

  2. Access the Edit mode of your Lightning Insight Panel.

    1. Access the Code View tab.

    2. Under <div class="CoveoResultActionsMenu">, add the following line:

        <div class="CoveoResultQuickAction"></div>

    To customize your CoveoResultQuickAction, see CoveoResultQuickAction Component.

Attached Results

You can attach the item you want by clicking the Attach Result icon, which becomes yellow. Then, if you want to detach the item, you click the icon again, which returns to grey.

The Attached Results component can only be used with Cases.

Coveo for Salesforce 3.33 (June 2019)

You can now attach selected languages or many languages without attaching the other undesired languages.

You can also customize the AttachedResults options.


The CoveoSalesforceQuickview component allows your agents to quickly visualize a result instead of opening a new window in your browser. You must include this in your component code, custom or not.

You can also change the default Quickview in Coveo for Salesforce.

Send as Email

In order to insert a result link to an email, click the Send as Email (SendAsEmailIcon) icon when hovering the result.

You must have access to the Email quick action tab to use the Send as Email result action.

Coveo for Salesforce 3.46 (February 2020)

By default, the Send as Email result action is automatically handled for all Salesforce standard object types (e.g., Account, Opportunity, etc.), except Case. However, you may want to:

Configuring Send as Email for Cases

  1. Ensure that you enabled the Email-to-Case option (see Enable and Configure Email-to-Case).

    You should also create a Send Email quick action to be able to display the Send as Email icon (see Create a Send Email Quick Action for Cases). You must ensure that the created Send Email quick action name is SendEmail.

  2. In Salesforce, access your Lightning Service Console, and open any of your cases.

  3. Select the Email action.

  4. Hover over a result in the Coveo Lightning Insight Panel and click the Send as Email icon (SendAsEmailIcon).

You should now see your recommended solution inserted in your email text box.

Configuring Send as Email for Custom Objects

To take advantage of the Send as Email result action for custom objects, you must set the Email tab in your custom object record pages:

  1. Select the Allow Activities option on your custom object (see Manage Custom Objects).

  2. Add the Salesforce Activities component to your record pages (see Standard Lightning Page Components).

Post to Feed

You can insert a result in a chatter post by clicking the Post to Feed (PostToFeedIcon) icon.

  1. In Salesforce, access your Lightning application, and then open any of your records.

    You must open an object record for which the Lightning Insight Panel was integrated.

  2. Access the Chatter Salesforce component, and then select the Post tab.

  3. Hover over a result in the Coveo Lightning Insight Panel, and then click the Post to Feed icon (SendAsEmailIcon).

To customize your Post to Feed component, see ResultActionsPostToFeed Component.

Send to Chat

You can insert a result in a chat by clicking the Post to Chat (SendToChatIcon) icon.

You will not be able to use the Send to Chat component in two situations (see Lightning Live Agent Panel is broken [SPRING ‘19]):

  • After upgrading to Salesforce Spring ‘19 while staying with a Coveo for Salesforce version prior to 3.25

  • After upgrading to the Coveo for Salesforce version 3.26 (or up) while staying with the Salesforce Winter ‘18 version

If you do not want to uprade Coveo for Salesforce and Salesforce to their latest version, you must create a custom script using the following code to use the component again (see Adding JavaScript to the Coveo for Salesforce Lightning Components with Custom Code):

window.coveoCustomScripts['default'] = function() {
  var root = document.querySelector('.CoveoSearchInterface');
  Coveo.$$(root).on('ResultActionsEvents.onSendToLiveAgent', function(_evt, args) {
    args.args.message = { text: args.args.message };
  1. Ensure that you have enabled the Live Agent in your Salesforce organization.

  2. While you are in an active Live Agent chat session, you can hover over a result in the Coveo Lightning Insight Panel and click the Send to Chat icon (SendToChatIcon).

To customize your Send to Chat component, see ResultActionsSendLiveAgent Component.

Adding the Result Actions to the Full Search Page

  1. Access the Full Search page.

  2. Access the Edit mode of the Full Search page.

  3. In the menu on the left, select the cog icon to access the Result Templates tab.

  4. Choose the result template where you want to insert the Result Actions, and access the Code tab.

  5. Enter the following code under the <div class="coveo-result-frame> element:

     <div class="CoveoResultActionsMenu">
         <div class="CoveoAttachToCase" data-display-tooltip="true"></div>
         <div class="CoveoSalesforceQuickview"></div>

Coveo for Salesforce 3.36 (July 2019)

The query and the filters are now transferred, when accessing the Full Search page from the Lightning Insight Panel.

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