ResultQuickAction Component

Coveo for Salesforce 3.36 (July 2019)

The ResultQuickAction component is a result template component that allows your users to quickly add a custom result action that uses a Salesforce action.


The component offers the following options:


Specifies the name of the Quick Action bound to this result action.

Default value is empty, even if this field is required.

<div class='CoveoResultQuickAction' data-action-name='YourActionName'></div>


Specifies the fields that will be sent in the arguments of the quick action.

This argument must be provided as a JSON object.

Default value is ${FieldName}.

<div class='CoveoQuickResultAction' data-target-fields='{"Body":{"value":"<b>${title}</b>(${ClickUri})<br/><p><i>"${Excerpt}"</i></p>","insertType": "replace"}}'></div>


Specifies the name of the event that will be fired to allow modification of the arguments before sending the action.

This field is optional.

<div class='CoveoResultQuickAction' data-on-send-action-event='ResultActionsEvents.onYourActionName'></div>


Specifies if the component should submit the post right away.

Default value is false.

<div class='CoveoResultQuickAction' data-auto-submit='true'></div>


Specifies the icon that the ResultAction will display.

If text is provided, the button will contain that text. If the HTML of an SVG image is provided, that image will be displayed in the button.

<div class='CoveoResultQuickAction' ></div>


The tooltip that displays on hovering the ResultAction.

Default value is empty.

<div class='CoveoResultQuickAction' data-tooltip="YourTooltip"></div>


This component does not provide any methods.


This component can be included in the Lightning Insight Panel. It should be inserted in the <div class='CoveoResultActionsMenu></div>` section.

<div class='CoveoResultQuickAction`></div>
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