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Lightning Experience Coveo for Salesforce 3.42 (November 2019)

The FullSearch component is a button automatically displayed in the Coveo Insight Panel Lightning Component that allows your users access to a full length Coveo-powered search page inside a Salesforce console.


You can add the following code to your Coveo Insight Panel Lightning Component:

<div class="CoveoFullSearch"></div>



Specifies the title of the FullSearch button.

Default is Full Search

<div class="CoveoFullSearch" data-title="<MY_TITLE>"></div>

Where you can replace <MY_TITLE> by the title you want to be displayed on your FullSearch button.


Specifies whether to open the new page in a subtab.

The default value is true.

<div class="CoveoFullSearch" data-open-in-subtab="true"></div>


Specifies whether the component is visible.

The default value is true.

<div class="CoveoFullSearch" data-visible="true"></div>