ViewedByCustomer Component

Lightning Experience Coveo for Salesforce 3.39 (August 2019)

The ViewedByCustomer component allows your agents to see, within the Salesforce Lightning console, every result which the user clicked. It displays an icon and a label on each result, if already viewed by the customer who created the case.

The component can be added in the Lightning Insight Panel (see Adding the ViewedByCustomer Component).

This component is a result template component (see Result Templates).


<span class="CoveoViewedByCustomer"></span>



The icon displayed when the component is displayed itself.

The default value is true.

<div class="CoveoViewedByCustomer" data-show-icon="true"></div>


The label that should be displayed when the component is displayed.

The default value is Viewed by Customer.

<div class="CoveoViewedByCustomer" data-label="Viewed by Customer"></div>


This component does not offer any method.