BoxResultAction component

This component is intended to be included inside a BoxBody ResultList component. This component displays a small actionable button inside each result. When clicked, this button displays other sub component in a menu, such as the BoxQuickview component.

Each of these sub-components are responsible for providing the logic that should be executed when they’re selected.


For more information on how to implement your own custom actions inside this component, see Creating custom actions for a Coveo Insight Panel Classic Component or a custom box.


This specifies the delay, in milliseconds, before the menu disappears when the user’s mouse leaves the menu icon.

The default value is 300.

<div class='CoveoBoxResultAction' data-menu-delay='300'></div>


This specifies that components contained inside the ResultAction should instead be displayed inline, and not inside a clickable menu.

The default value is false.

<div class='CoveoBoxResultAction' data-display-inline='false'></div>

When displayInline is set to true, icons are displayed to identify the actions. Those icons are removed when displayInline is set to false.


This component doesn’t provide any methods.


This component is intended to contain many other components.

For example, this BoxResultAction would display a Quickview link when opened.

<div class='CoveoBoxResultAction'>
    <div class='CoveoBoxQuickview'></div>

Components that can be included inside this component

Out of the box, the framework comes with the following components: