SalesforceThumbnail Component

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Coveo for Salesforce 2.38 (February 2017)

The SalesforceThumbnail component is used in result templates to display a thumbnail preview for Salesforce content documents.

It’s included by default in Document templates.



Specifies the width of the thumbnail.

The default value is 120px.

<span data-width='120px'></span>


Specifies the height of the thumbnail.

The default value is auto, meaning that it scales with the given width.

<span data-height='auto'></span>


This component doesn’t provide any methods.


This component should be used inside a result template.

Objects without attachments may fail to render a preview. You should only use it for Salesforce Content documents.

<span class="CoveoSalesforceThumbnail"></span>