BoxQuerySome component

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The BoxQuerySome component is used to automatically include Salesforce fields to the query of a Coveo Insight Panel Classic Component. By default, the fields are included in the advanced query (see Advanced expression).

This component is included in the default Coveo Insight Panel Classic Component to include the case subject.



A comma separated list of fields to automatically add to the query.

The default value is Subject.

<div data-include="<FIELD1>, <FIELD2>, <FIELD3>"></div>

Where you can replace <FIELD1>, <FIELD2>, and <FIELD3> by respectively the name of the first, second, and third field you want to add to the query. You can add as many fields as you want.


Specifies whether to include the currently viewed case in the search results.

The default value is false.

<div data-include-current-record="false"></div>


Specifies whether to disable the added query when a user decides to perform a non-contextual search (see allowNonContextualSearch).

The default value is true.

<div data-disable-on-non-contextual-search="true"></div>


Specifies whether to generate the query using the $some query extension. Setting this option to false changes the query from an aq to an lq (see Large expression), enabling Coveo Machine Learning Intelligent Term Detection (ITD).

The default value is true.

<div data-use-some-q-r-e="true"></div>

When this value is true, you can use the arguments of the $some expression.

To use them, add data- before the argument name, and replace every capital letter with a dash followed by its lowercase equivalent. For example, removeStopWords becomes data-remove-stop-words.


The default value for removeStopWords is true.

The default value for best is 5.

The default value for match is 5.

The default value for match is 2.

Additionally, you can use the bindOnQuery argument, which specifies whether the component should use the generated query to filter items. Its default value is true.



Enables the component.



Disables the component.



In your search page, add a div with the CoveoBoxQuerySome class.

<div class="CoveoBoxQuerySome" data-include="Subject">