InsightQuerySummary Component

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Coveo for Salesforce 4.4 (June 2020)

The InsightQuerySummary component is intended to be used in Coveo Insight Panels where a contextual query is performed by default. In such case, a message is displayed to help the user understand why those results are relevant.

Once the user performs a query, the message is replaced with the QuerySummary component.

The InsightQuerySummary component is enabled by default in Coveo for Salesforce package version 4.4 and above.



Specifies the message displayed by default. Once the user performs a query, the message is replaced with the QuerySummary component.

The default value is Insights related to this record.

<div class='CoveoInsightQuerySummary' data-title='Insights related to this record'></div>


This component doesn’t provide any methods.


This component is meant to be used inside the coveo-summary-section of the search interface.

<div class='CoveoInsightQuerySummary'></div>

Using QuerySummary Instead of InsightQuerySummary

If you want to pass specific options to the underlying QuerySummary component, you can simply modify the Insight Panel to use it.

  1. Edit your Insight Panel search interface in code view.

  2. Locate the InsightQuerySummary component.

    <div class="coveo-summary-section">
      <div class="CoveoInsightQuerySummary"></div>
  3. Replace it with the QuerySummary component.

    <div class="coveo-summary-section">
      <div class="CoveoQuerySummary"></div>

Passing Options to Underlying QuerySummary Component

If you want to keep using the InsightQuerySummary, then you can set the options using JavaScript as follows:

const root = document.getElementById('search');
Coveo.options(root, {
  QuerySummary: {
    enableSearchTips: false

For a Lightning component, you’ll need to create a Lightning wrapper component. See SearchUI.setSearchInterfaceOptions.