StandaloneSearchbox Component

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Coveo for Salesforce 2.41 (May 2017)

The StandaloneSearchbox component is used to replace the default community searchbox.


These options can be changed in the Standalone Searchbox options (see Customizing the Standalone Searchbox).

This component has the same options as the Omnibox component (see Omnibox).

It also supports the following option:


The name of the search page where the searchbox should redirect.

Depending on your Salesforce version, the value should either be:

  • Before Winter ‘18: search/all/home/%40uri
  • Winter ‘18 and up: global-search/%40uri, which is the location of the default Salesforce community search page.


This component has the same methods as the Omnibox component (see Omnibox).


To learn how to add the Coveo Standalone Searchbox to your Experience Cloud site, see Add the Coveo standalone search box.