Customizing the Standalone Searchbox

When using the Coveo Standalone Searchbox in your community, your administrators might want to customize it to fit their needs. This page explains how to access the options panel and which parameters can be modified.

Accessing the Standalone Searchbox Options

  1. Ensure that you have included your Community Searchbox in your community (see Adding a Coveo Community Search Component).

  2. In the Community Builder, select the Coveo Community Searchbox.

  3. An option panel should appear, allowing you to modify the Coveo Standalone Searchbox options.


Modifying the Standalone Searchbox Options

The Coveo Standalone Searchbox offers many options that help you customize your experience (see StandaloneSearchbox Component - Options).


The name of the Coveo Search component you want to associate with your searchbox.

The default value is communitySearchCoveo.

Search Hub

The name of the search hub to enforce when authenticating a query with this search token, which can also be used in query pipeline condition statements.


The placeholder text to put in the searchbox when no query is typed.

Trigger Query on Clear

Specifies whether to trigger a query when the search box is cleared (see Querybox - triggerQueryOnClear).

Enable Query Syntax

Specifies whether special characters should be interpreted as the Coveo Query Syntax (see Querybox - enableQuerySyntax).

Enable Query Extension Suggest

Specifies if the search box completes the syntax for query extensions (see Omnibox - enableQueryExtensionAddon).

Search Url

The name of the community page your Coveo Search component is on. By default, it will redirect to the default community Search page.

Due to a difference in the Salesforce Winter ‘18, when using the Coveo Standalone Searchbox, you must ensure that you have the appropriate value for the Search Url option. Depending on your Salesforce version, the value should either be:

Before Winter ‘18: search/all/home/%40uri

Winter ‘18 and up: global-search/%40uri


Specifies whether to load the non-minified versions of the resources.

Facet Value Suggestion Fields

Coveo for Salesforce 3.46 (February 2020)

The specific fields a Coveo Machine Learning (Coveo ML) Query Suggestions (QS) model use to scope its suggestions.

In your Coveo Standalone searchbox, you want to scope the query suggestions according to the values of the @filetype field. Therefore, you enter @filetype in the Facet value suggestion fields box.

For more information on facet value suggestions, see:

This Standalone searchbox option is only available for Organizations that use the Coveo Community Searchbox (see Additional Considerations).

Additional Considerations

If you’re using the Coveo Searchbox instead of the Coveo Community Searchbox (see the note in Adding the Coveo Standalone Searchbox), the action panel looks like the following:

Therefore, you can specify the following options:

Enable Query Suggest

Specifies whether to enable Coveo Machine Learning (see Omnibox - enableQuerySuggestAddon).

Enable Field Suggest

Specifies whether field names should be suggested (see Omnibox - enableFieldAddon).

If you’re using the Coveo Searchbox instead of the Coveo Community Searchbox, you don’t have access to the Facet value suggestion fields option.

What’s Next?

You can create a custom Standalone Searchbox for your Lightning community (see Creating a Custom Standalone Searchbox for Your Lightning Community).

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