BoxCreateArticle Component

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Coveo for Salesforce 2.25 (July 2016)

This component allows the use of the Create Article button in the Coveo Insight Panel (see Adding a Create Article Button to the Coveo Insight Panel Classic Component).



Specifies the Knowledge Article types to offer as options when creating an article. By default, all the available Knowledge Article types are displayed.

<a class="CoveoBoxCreateArticle" data-article-type-filter="knowledge__kav,troubleshooting__kav">


Whether the component should be hidden from the display.

The default value is true.

<a class="CoveoBoxCreateArticle" data-hidden="true">


Whether to open the created article in a primary tab or, when set to false, to open it in a subtab.

The default value is true.

<a class="CoveoBoxCreateArticle" data-open-in-primary-tab="false">



Changes the page to redirect to when selecting the create article button.

By default, the component redirects to /knowledge/publishing/articleEdit.apexp.

$('.CoveoBoxCreateArticle').coveo('setCreateArticlePage', '/knowledge/publishing/articleEdit.apexp')


This component must be included in the coveo-box-settings div.

<div class="coveo-box-settings">
    <a class="CoveoBoxCreateArticle" target="_blank">