ResultActionsPostToFeed component

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Pro and Enterprise editions only

Coveo for Salesforce 3.16 (August 2018)

The ResultActionsPostToFeed component is a result template component that allows Coveo Insight Panel Lightning Component users to quickly insert a search result in a Chatter post.

You can insert a result in a chatter post by clicking Post-to-Feed.


The component offers the following options:


Specifies the template that will be inserted in the body of the post.

You can add other result fields by using the ${field} or ${raw.field} syntax, where you replace field with the selected field.

Default value is <b>${title}</b> (${ClickUri})<br /><p><i>"${Excerpt}"</i></p>.

<div class='CoveoResultActionsPostToFeed' data-body='<strong>${title}</strong> (${ClickUri})</p><p>In source: ${source}</p>'></div>


Specifies if the component should submit the post right away.

Default value is false.

<div class='CoveoResultActionsPostToFeed' data-auto-submit='false'></div>


Specifies where the component should insert the text in the chatter post.

Available values are: begin, end, cursor, and replace.

The begin, end, and cursor values insert the search result at the specified location in the chatter post. The replace value replaces all the text in the chatter post with the search result.

Default value is replace.

<div class='CoveoResultActionsPostToFeed' data-insert-type='cursor'></div>


This component doesn’t provide any methods.


This component can be included in the Coveo Insight Panel Lightning Component. It should be inserted in the <div class='CoveoResultActionsMenu'> section.

<div class='CoveoResultActionsPostToFeed'></div>