UserActions component (for Lightning components)

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Coveo for Salesforce 3.38 (August 2019)

User Actions are part of the Coveo Insight Panel Lightning Component by default in Coveo for Salesforce (v4.6) and later releases. If you implemented your Coveo Insight Panel Lightning Component before v4.6, we highly recommend upgrading to the new design to activate the new experience.

In addition, improvements to the Session Summary and User Activity Timeline are now available in Coveo for Salesforce (v4.23).

For information on how to enable User Actions in your Coveo organization, see Enabling User Action History.

The UserActions component for Lightning components allows your agents to see, within the Salesforce Lightning console, up to the last 2000 actions performed by the end-user across any Coveo page or component. The component displays information gathered from Coveo Usage Analytics (Coveo UA) using the new Coveo User Profiling Service. The agent can see all the events performed by the user across many visit sessions, including during the visit in which the case was created, as seen from the Visit Browser page of the Coveo Administration Console (see Review user visits with the Visit Browser).

This component is available for the Coveo Insight Panel Lightning Component, as well as the Full Search page.

It’s composed of the ClickedDocumentList Component, the QueryList Component, and the UserActivity Component.

To ensure that the actions taken by a user during their multiple visits are displayed accurately, the UserActions component leverages the Coveo User Stitching service.

In Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) environments, the UserActions component may display Personal Health Information (PHI), per normal usage. However, no data is stored in Salesforce. The data that’s returned by the UserActions component follows the same security rules as the Coveo Search component.



Identifies the user whose actions are to be displayed.

  • The userId can only be a single value.
  • The Coveo User Stitching service consolidates all the actions taken by a user across multiple IDs, sessions, and devices into one profile.

This option is required.


Label of the button used to open the user actions.

The default value is User Actions.

<div data-button-label="<MY_LABEL>"></div>

Where you can replace <MY_LABEL> by the label you want for the button used to open the user actions.


Label of the summary section

The default value is Session Summary.

<div data-summary-label="<MY_LABEL>"></div>

Where you can replace <MY_LABEL> by the label you want for the summary section.


Label of the activity section.

The default value is User Recent Activity.

<div data-activity-label="<MY_LABEL>"></div>

Where you can replace MY_LABEL by the label you want for the activity section.


Whether to add the ViewByCustomer component.

The default value is true.

<div data-viewed-by-customer="true"></div>


Whether the UserAction component should be hidden.

If you want the ViewedByCustomer component to be visible but not the user actions, set data-hidden="true".

Default: false

<div data-hidden="false"></div>



This method hides the panel.


This method shows the panel.


This method opens or closes the UserActions component, depending on its current state.


<div class="CoveoUserActions"></div>