Ranking Basics

Pro and Enterprise editions only

Establishing the ranking of a Coveo Item is done in four phases:

  • Phase 1: Determines the Coveo Items to which the user has access. The user email address is used by the Coveo security providers - specifically the Email Security Provider as a single sign on (SSO) - to match security entries within the security cache.

  • Phase 2 and 3: Match expressions to content and field values.

  • Phase 4: Evaluates frequency, proximity, and term value.

In the end, a total of a thousand (1,000) Coveo Items are confirmed and form the result list.

Ranking strategies that may be applied to alter the ranking score of a result are:

Ranking strategy

Phase applicability

Recommended usage

Means to use

Ranking Expression


Best Practice

For a Cloud index using the Coveo Cloud Console (see Managing Ranking Expressions) or using $qre query expression.

Ranking Override


Not Preferred

For a Cloud index using the Coveo Cloud Console (see Fine-Tuning Ranking Weights ) or using $weight query expression.

You can see the ranking score of a search result by pressing the ALT key and double-clicking on any given result list, which opens the debug panel (see Using the JavaScript Search Debug Panel).

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